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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Meetie was my best friend that past away last year. She and I were very close growing up. We did everything from taking gas from dad or dads' to playing outside and just hang out.
She was one of the bestest of best friend that understood me inside out. We went through alot from losing loved ones to having problem with boyfriends. Meetie and I were always together no matter what. She was great sister/mother and best friend that is much loved and missed very much.
Also, when she got really sick, I was down in Ottawa on my summer holiday while was in Hospital with her treatment. I couldn't go see her because I am not family. I was just a friend to her. Her brother who was with her in a hospital tried everything to get me to see her. but the doctor and nurses didn't wanted me to see her. So wanted to see her before her last breathe when she got really sick.
Missed you Meetie very much and love you very much!

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