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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Feb 27th 2009

On February 27th 2009, my sister and her kids were experiencing a house fire. That happened on a morning. I remember when my brother came in and saying sis and her kids were burned, I was like "huh?" are you sure? I saw his face but didn't wanted to believe him. He was shocked for sure and worried at the same time.
For the whole day we were at the health centre trying to help sis and her kids. Alot of people were there too, mostly family being with them and waiting for madivac to take them to hospital. It took almost 12 hours to get doctors or nurses, but finally had doctors, they were able to send them to Ottawa, Toronto and Winnipeg. If I remember correctly, there was another accident elsewhere in Nunavut, and we had to wait for Medivac to get here. I think there was another house fire or what not in
My sister was sent to Winnipeg due to her condition, my niece who was 12 at that time,my other nieces son and my nephew who is 4 years old were sent to Ottawa. my niece and my other nieces son were sent to Toronto due to their condition. my nephew
stayed in Ottawa because he was badly burned. I swear to god thought for sure I was gonna lose him, he had alot of issues while he is there and still is dealing with it.
before getting to Ottawa, my brother in law kept me posted and I was too, While I was with my sister, how things are with each other.
I had hard time when I first saw him laying in hospital bed, he couldn't talk and couldn't do anything. When I first saw, I couldn't stand or say anything, I just started crying and sob looking at him while hes tears running down his face.I had to sit and watch him crying silently, I had hard time remembering what I did that day, I think I went to a place were I stayed when I was in Ottawa.
back to being with sis.When I went to hospital in Winnipeg first time, I saw my sister with all the wires and what not, my heart started to beat so fast.When she saw me she started to sob right away and tried to talk.We both cried for a bit and she was on a isolation room of course I had to wear gown, mask, and gloves.Wasnt fun but so wanted to be with her, was so afraid of losing another family member.
I thought for sure we would have stayed in Winnipeg that long, but I was there for two weeks and we were sent to Ottawa so that she can be with her kids and her husband. When we got to Ottawa, she couldn't go see her kids right away,due to her condition and theirs...
I was in Ottawa for two months and two weeks to be exact ( was counting days lol ).
I was with my sister for that long and helped with her kids as well.Mostly being with my nephew whom needed alot of attention and needed visitor to kill his day daily routine at the hospital.
I got homesick because I thought my dad got really sick and got worried that he needed me. But ones I got home, he got better and seems good to me.
I have been home for about a month now, I haven't been able to get hold of my sister or brother in law, kinda worried how things are with kids and my sister.
Hope is all well for everyone there.

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