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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The year 2005

It all started spring 2005. From what I can remember my mom got really sick that year, I remember she traveled to different towns to go see doctors and treatments. I helped around the house and taking care of family so that my mom can rest and have her daily chores.At that time I just started working at the school as an Assistant. That Spring she asked me if I want to go to Ottawa with her so that I can help her while she is in a hospital. We were in Ottawa for 3 months. And I met someone so, she wanted me to go back home. So that I wont be with that guy. She was there for another 2 weeks with my other sister. and few months after that she was told she was told she has only 6 months to live. To this day I still regret I wasn't listening to her and was with a guy instead. She was sent home so that she can be with family. my relatives came shortly after she came home, they helped us around the house, I really don't remember what happened while staying home with so many people in the house but I do remember that my aunts,cousins and sister were here. She died on January 22,2006 at 2:05 pm.
I think I was depressed for six months and started drinking heavily. I even quit working for whole year and didn't bother to socializing that time. That's when I started meeting guys' for fun I think. I took it pretty that she was sick and had to go. I think I was more mad at myself than to let her go. I know she was sick and needed to rest.
At times I still feel her presence and protecting me from harm or whatever there is.
I love my mom very much and will always love and always be with me. <3

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