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Saturday, June 13, 2009

My dad

My dad is my world and everything. some people see me as daddy's little girl upon til now.And some people don't know anything about us at all.
I grew up being daddy's little girl and my family would always try to get me to ask him for something for them. They have tried doing that upon til I was in 20's.
Growing up I was always been close to my dad, but not as much I was close to my mom.
I always try to help my dad to do anything that I can do to do stuff for him. alot of times he would correct me to do it differently or how it should be done, never once did he would shout to me or spank me for doing it the way I should have done it right.
Upon til Summer 2005, he has been so relying on me to help him to do things around the house or for anything that he needs help with. It has been hard or difficult for me, but I love him dearly that I try my best to do things that he ask me to do.
I might complain or tell him if something that is bothering me. But not always I would tell him.
I know he had lost both of his wives from health issues or what not. So I try to do the best for anyone and everyone.
And he sometimes would talk about his childhood or growing up. He always say that it was difficult growing up and would never let us get us to go through what he had been through.
From my understanding he is trying to get through all the pain he had been through by drinking. I am not gonna try to stop him from that, I know how it is to stop from something that you have been doing for longest time.
I love my Ataa very much and no one is going to do anything about that.

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