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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Late Bro

I wasn't that close to my late brother growing up. We would always hit each other or play. I have scars from childhood because of him, We were playing with Ulu ( Inuit knife) or a knife. And he cut me twice. Trying to be all older brotherly he was.
It wasn't always like that with him. We eventually got closer as a sister/cousins.
Alot of times he would smile at me and just pass by me, anywhere in town.
After graduating from high school. I started working at the school here at home.
He was working there as well. So at work, staff were taking a break at recess time. He came up to me and asked me if he can borrow money from me, I said OK.
I loved him because he was my brother and the fact that I get to experience stuff with him. He was the only brother that was adopted so, he wasn't that close to us but he did know he was always welcomed to come here and visit or whatlaver.
Of course he was a family guy with 2 daughters. He deeply loved his older daughter that they kept.
He was one of the guys that I could rely on and get help with anything.And he was always there to help if we needed help.
One day when I was working at local grocery store as my summer job. I remember they ( as a girlfriend) and him were having issues being together and such. And I remember a local lady came to me while I was working and she said " could you come home with me?" I was like whats going on? and her exact words were" I am afraid there was another accident with your brother. Of course I was curious what had happened to him. When we went outside the store. She said " I am so sorry but, your brother hanged himself" Right away, I started crying and lost control and I was crying for 2 days. I think I was depressed for few months.
I know I wasn't that close with him. But I do know that he was my brother and he was part of my life, as a blood.
Love you bro

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  1. I am sorry for your loss. Because he knew he could count on you, I believe he knew you loved him as well.