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Saturday, June 13, 2009

While in Ottawa, I had experience totally different from what I had experience before. I started drinking and meeting people for pleasure or for advantage. I would go out and start drinking with a friend or friends, would party until bar closes or when one of us of is cut off from drinking. a lot of time we would be too loud or tease people who are loaded from drinking. At times we would go to places and have a pleasure where there are people are walking around us, kissing and what not ( if you know what I mean).
The whole time when my mom was in a hospital, I had fun and do stuff that I regret to do. But I was trying to get away from pain I was in. My mom wouldn't mind me sleeping while she is on chemo. Alot of time she would notice that I am recovering from a night's drinking. I know that she was going through alot of pain and wanting me to stay but, she didn't or won't said anything that made her mad or didn't approve, whatever I did.
Now I sometime wonder why she wouldn't have said anything, is it because that she wanted me to stay and won't upset me? Am I that horrible person that she didn't said anything, or because she loved me too much and she wanted me to stay and being with her. All I know is, I do love my mom very much and she will always be with me. My heart is always be with you mom <3.
For all the people saying that their mom is being a bitch, pain, horrible or embarrassment.Thank her for being there for you no matter what. losing a mother is like losing everything, and you get to deal alot of things that you wouldn't have without her or can't tell her what or how you did for a day or something you have done.
Love your mother for who she is, not for she does.

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